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Smita Agarwal

Smita Agarwal

she / her
Redmond, United States


Since childhood, I had a natural inclination towards art, mostly sketching as a hobby. Well, when I was old enough for University, I decided to study Architecture. So, I did and practiced for many years. But then life happened, as it does, and I got distanced from Architecture, but never completely for it always influenced my thinking in a way, and a way that was good. I started exploring new dimensions of art, like Photography, 3D Pen doodling, a lot of graphic designing, mixed media on canvas and sketching. (And … much more) And I am still exploring, still learning, and got a long way to go.

Artist Statement

My Imagination remains my Inspiration. Then, Now; and If I dare, I might say Forever. It drives me, motivates me, nurtures me, also rides me insane. But I am obsessed, for it makes life worth living. Hence, I create what I think, I think what I live, and I live what I create. Grateful to be still learning and making mistakes every day.

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