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Artists Shipping Instructions

What happens when you sell a piece: LoCA will handle all payments, communications with the buyer and printing and shipping for LoCA prints. You, the artist, will be responsible for packing, shipping and insuring all sold original and editioned/signed artwork. Following the steps below will ensure that we can reliably deliver on buyers’ expectations.

Artwork by Ieva Ansaberga

  1. Shipping costs and payment. When a buyer purchases an artwork, LoCA calculates shipping costs, which are paid for by the buyer during check-out.
  2. Notification to ship. LoCA will email you when a piece has been sold and needs to be shipped. If it is an original artwork that is not currently in a show, you will ship to the buyer immediately (within 14 days of receiving the notification to ship). If it is an original work that is currently in a show, you will ship to the buyer within 14 days following the show’s conclusion. IMPORTANT: You will need to confirm receipt of this shipping notification within a week. If we don’t receive confirmation, LoCA will cancel the sale. If your artwork is no longer available for sale, please let us know at and we will work directly with the buyer, directing them to alternative works of yours.

  3. Shipping of LoCA prints: If the buyer has purchased a LoCA open edition print, LoCA will be responsible for printing and shipping directly to the buyer; LoCA prints typically ship within 3 days of purchase.

  4. Packaging. You, the artist, will be responsible for packaging your artwork for shipment, including paying for all packaging materials. We recommend pricing your work with packaging materials in mind. We want you to make a healthy profit on each sale! Please follow our Packing Guidelines to ensure your artwork arrives in excellent condition. 

  5. Shipping and insurance. You, the artist, are responsible for shipping original artworks directly to the buyer. Once packaged, you will take the package to any qualified shipping agent (e.g. FedEx, UPS) that is convenient for you. The shipping agent will determine the final cost based on size, weight and distance.

    IMPORTANT: LoCA does not provide shipping insurance. While the decision to insure your work is at your discretion, we recommend you purchase extra shipping insurance through the shipping agent to protect you in the unlikely event that your art is damaged in transit.

  6. Shipping confirmation. Provide the e-mail address to your shipping agent to ensure LoCA receives shipping and delivery confirmations. LoCA will notify the buyer when the package ships and when it has been delivered. 

  7. Artist payment. Upon your first sale with LoCA, we will confirm your account details, including your preferred payment platform (PayPal, or other payment option). Buyers will have 14 days upon receipt of the artwork, to inform LoCA of returns of any sold piece and an additional 14 days to return the item after notifying LoCA. Once the return notification window has closed, LoCA will issue a direct payment to you within 14 days, inclusive of both the purchase price and cost of shipping excluding packaging material.

Proceed to our "packing guidelines".