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We connect artists, emerging and established, with local businesses in their community. We’d love to partner with you.
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Why show with LoCA?
We find you the best match.
We work with a wide variety of businesses from coffee shops to private clubs. Our curation team will identify the art spaces in your community that will best showcase your work. The final decision of where you show will always be made by you.
It’s easy.
It’s non-exclusive and free to sign up. We coordinate with the space, making it easy to install a show. Our e-commerce tools make it easy for buyers to purchase your art - all it takes is a simple scan of a QR code. And we handle all payments and processing, safely and securely.
We promote your work.
Your art will be included in our online gallery and on your unique Artist Page where buyers can learn more about you and browse your collection. We also feature select artists on our homepage, in our regular newsletters and emails to art spaces, and through our social media. You are welcome to point interested buyers to your LoCA Artist Page to facilitate online sales and use your QR code enabled art labels in any show.
A show can generate revenue.
Artists receive 70% of every original artwork sold and have the opportunity to earn a fee on each show. LoCA can also create exceptional fine-art prints of Photography and Digitally Native Art and ship on demand to buyers globally. And we’re constantly working to bring new revenue streams to artists. So…more to come!
  • Nick Riesland @ LoCA Gallery
  • Rodney H. King @ Taproot Cafe & Bar
  • Lana Blinderman @ Fresh Flours
  • Eric Chan @ Pie Bar
  • Vian Nguyen @ Birch Road Cellar
  • Zoee Xiao @ A la Mode Pies
  • Lisa Berkman @ Damn the Weather

What our artist partners say:

“It means the world to me to be able to get my art into spaces where people gather. Accessibility is key, and the whole LOCA team is dedicated to making that happen ~ for artists, for venues, for buyers... So grateful to be partnering with you. :)”

— Eliaichi Kimaro

“The LoCA team helps me put all the professional finishing touches on the advertising, marketing, and installation process of exhibiting artwork, both online and in-person. With each show, I look forward to meeting a new local small business in my community. It is an exciting challenge to cater each collection to the uniqueness of every venue, its audience, and its viewpoints. Because LoCA helps manage my digital catalog, build marketing materials, and find the right showcase, I have more time, energy, and resources to spend in my studio.”

— Eric Chan

“I’ve been impressed by my interactions with LoCA over the past year. Their team facilitates the relationships with local businesses. That has allowed me to place my art in front of people who may never have known about it otherwise. If you are an artist who prefers focusing on your studio work to being out ‘pounding the pavement’ in search of new venues, LoCA is for you!”

— Sarah Aileen

“Working with the LoCA team has been such an amazing experience. As an emerging artist, the attention that the LoCA team has provided to my work, and myself, has been inspiring. Especially during the times where it was difficult to network with others. LoCA’s commitment to connecting local artists to the community is honorable and what I respect most about LoCA. This is what led me to commit to working with the team and LoCA has continued to show their support and engagement in me and the community. I’m grateful for the opportunities and the genuine support that they have given.”

— Vian Nguyen

“I consider myself to be a visual storyteller through art. I love to showcase my culture through color displaying my love of hip hop and Jazz. I started working with LoCA in early 2022 and they have helped to showcase my art in local restaurants and coffee shops surrounding the Metropolitan of Seattle where I was raised as a kid. LoCA has been heaven sent and has allowed me to reach the audiences that I sought to reach with every piece. They are professional, responsive and very helpful. I look forward to a lasting joint venture with them.”

— Rodney H. King, creator of Kingspen LLC

“My experience with LoCA has been nothing but good. Uploading all of my photos and art pricing information went smoothly and I had plenty of technical support. The communication with the staff has been completely seamless and thorough. Once I accept an art show appointment, LoCA sends me details on the wall space, so it takes the guesswork out of what to hang. During my first hanging, a LoCA member was there to help me install and label all of my work. I've done shows on my own and it's a lot of work to coordinate everything. Working with a third party is a much easier process. I've sold quite a few pieces within the short 8 months I've been working with LoCA, so this has been a definite success for my creative business!”

— Katie Dean

"I absolutely love working with LoCA. It's so wonderful to be able to connect with and show my work in local spots without having to put so much time and energy into trying to make those connections myself. They have great relationships with all of their venues and everyone who works at LoCA is so kind and supportive. I was surprised at how organized they are and that there is so much assistance in hanging the artwork. I am also an artists coach, so it's a great resource to be able to send my clients to LoCA to get exposure for their work."

— Esther Loopstra

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Common Questions

How do you match me with an art space?
Our curation team will identify spaces that will best showcase your work. Once we’ve secured the right match, we’ll reach out to you to confirm your availability and any remaining show details.
What can I sell?
LoCA welcomes all artists across a variety of styles and mediums, including painting, photography, mixed media, and sculpture. How much of your collection and which pieces to show is all up to you. We operate on a non-exclusive basis.
How does shipping work?
The buyer pays for shipping when they purchase. If your piece is bought through our online gallery, we will notify you so you can immediately ship to the buyer. If your work is currently in a show, the buyer will be provided the option to pick up at the show venue or ship the work. If they request pick up, we will coordinate a time. If they opt for shipping, you will ship after the show ends. We recommend you purchase insurance through the shipping agent in the event the work is damaged during shipment. If the buyer has purchased a LoCA produced print, we will handle printing and shipping as soon as an order is placed.
How do I get paid?
When your first show is confirmed, we’ll verify your account details, including your desired payment platform. LoCA will then issue a direct payment to you upon confirmation that the piece has been shipped to the buyer.
How does LoCA’s commission work?
Artists receive 70% on all original artwork and limited edition prints sold through LoCA, compared to 50% for most commercial galleries. Artists receive 65% of the profit from the sales of open edition prints. The profit is calculated by subtracting the cost of printing and shipping of the prints from the sale price.
How is LoCA different from other online art sellers?
Our goal is to support local artists by improving discovery of their work. We also believe that art is best appreciated when it’s seen in-person, which is why we focus on making it easier for artists to find spaces in their community to show and sell their work.