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Jonarra Swanson

Jonarra Swanson

she / her
Federal Way, United States


Hi my name is Jonarra Swanson. I am a young black female visionary artist who brings mindfulness to her work. I was born and raised in Federal Way. The culture, diversity, and strong sense of community inspires what I create today. My intention is to spread wellness and celebrate positive energy. This collection is an art collection that celebrates inclusion, diversity, uniqueness and generosity. I’ve dedicated my vision to capturing the good I am inspired by. My art is created with an array of materials ranging from oil and acrylic to broken glass and clay.

Artist Statement

A G.O.O.D. art collection, GIVING OUT OF DEDICATION is a commitment to give with intention. Art pieces capturing the extraordinary greatness I see in the world and giving you something to bring home or share with your loved ones. 

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