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Fausto Borioli

Fausto Borioli

he / him
London, United Kingdom


I was born in Amelia, in the green hilly, centre of Italy, in 1975. As a child I was extremely attracted to colours, drawing and DIY. During the years, I have taken painting and pottery courses and got some inside knowledge of materials attending a technical high school. I became a social worker and started using art as an expressive and rehabilitating channel. I managed the pottery lab of a public disability care centre for 15 years. In 2011 I started using spatula and acrylic colours to reproduce on canvas some drawings on paper. This was what I consider the beginning of my artistic production. In 2014 I moved to London as I thought it was the perfect scene to grow artistically. I have my painting study at home, I exhibit in cafes and events and work in a disability care centre for autistic kids where l developed an art workshop with they.

Artist Statement

It all began from a need to express and describe my inner world, made out of shapes and emotive images, which range from abstractism to conceptualism. My shapes and images are inspired and accompanied by musical backgrounds, with instinctive spatula strokes, at times as obsessive and repetitive as reciting a gestural mantra...."Visions and symbologies which live and connect in the deepest part of an individual.” Playing with colours and shapes has always been my favourite channel to explore and express my inner world, the unknown and most hidden parts of myself. It's like an exploration of the maze of the human soul. I believe there is a universe inside everyone that only waits to be discovered. I try to reach mine through the images and the emotions arising before, during and after the production of a work of art. Spatula is my favourite tool, it helps me work, mix and move the colours quickly and effectively. I can create shapes and movements that meet and overlap on the surface, and together with chromatic effects, they originate perspectives and three-dimensionality. In my work, I use and mix geometrical elements with references to biology, psychology, physics and spirituality. I believe in the connection and the common origin of all things. I like the idea that the observers can find their personal key to the painting, through inner images, symbols and emotions springing during the observation and connected to their own personal history and experience.

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