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Daniel Chesney

Daniel Chesney

he / him
Seattle, United States


"Will you tell me what it is? "

My answer is almost always “No” and it will continue to be. What I enjoy about making art is the dialogue between the viewer and the work that allows them to pull their own visions and conclusions from it. I don’t want to interfere with that. I want to share the gift that I find in art: the ability to find our own meaning.

Pyschological. Phsychosomatic. Psychosexual. Color Bound. Unfin-ished. Unbridled. Pointless. Too Abstract. Not Abstract Enough. All Labels No Confidence. That’s the noise I want to leave behind. It is and will continue to be the thing(s) that it started as but at no point will it not-be. Or at least that’s what I’m working towards. So if you see bodies, mountains, memories, forests, fortitude, dreams, horrors, feelings, futures, finalities, dualities, cultures, cisterns, still lives, lives still unordered, paths walked and unwalked, stories that you wish you could tell but are better left in an image, they are there. I hope togeth-er we can find them.

Born in Maine. Raised on Vashon. Living in Seattle. Lover of Stories, Images, Icons, and Visions in whatever form they prefer. Has hobbies that aren't art. They inform my work. More interested in becoming than in latent talents and destinites.

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