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Carlie Williams

Carlie Williams

She / Her
Seattle, United States


Carlie Williams is a longtime resident of Seattle and started painting in 2020 at the height of the lockdown. She had never painted or drawn  until she found a free box of art materials on the sidewalk during a walk and gave it a go. She uncovered a natural ability and experienced the pure joy it brought her. She began selling her artwork right away and continues to grow her business. Carlie started with watercolor on paper and now primarily uses acrylic on canvas, alcohol ink on paper, acrylic ink, and gold leaf. The art comes from her journey through chronic pain and an ongoing deep dive into mind/body work, always seeking to understand the magic in and around us. She is often inspired by a word or phrase that keeps coming into her head and lets it lead her intuitive process. She lives with her young son and runs her own massage practice in Ballard. 

Artist Statement

Carlie Williams is a contemporary abstract and figurative artist from Seattle. She uses primarily acrylic on canvas along with watercolor, alcohol ink, and various mixed media. She began painting for the very first time in 2020 having never created any visual art before. She started with hopes it could help decrease her stress and extreme chronic pain.  Not only did she dramatically reduce her pain, she found a hidden gift that brought her pure joy and a new profession to last a lifetime. 

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