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Allison Rohland

Allison Rohland

Seattle , United States


Allison Rohland is an emerging Seattle-based artist who works primarily in acrylics and mixed media. Since 2014, she’s instructed artists with intellectual disabilities and Autism, and has been honing her craft.

Originally from Lancaster, Pa., the self-taught artist, Allison Rohland, has had her work featured in art festivals and exhibitions in Pennsylvania. She currently works out of her Seattle studio. An abstract expressionist at heart, her body of work consists of emotive abstracts using bold texture and minimalist palettes conceived of inspiration from experiences in life and nature.

Artist Statement

My body of work is the freeing process of letting go. Letting go of the idea of how things “should” be, letting go of the “how,” and delving into the “why.” Allowing emotions and experience to be transmuted onto the canvas.

The work is a flow of creative consciousness; an allowance for every image to move through me. It's a lesson in letting go of what I think the canvas should be and doing what feels good, and joy-filled. A stroke here, a swash there. A traveling from the mind to the body. Each time I step up to the canvas I think of things that inspire me, but I leave any preconceived notion of what the painting’s final form will be at the door. Because it is expectations that can rob us of joy in the creation process.

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