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Zoee Xiao

Zoee Xiao

Round Rock, United States


Zoee is a watercolor painter, focusing on a minimalist and impressionist style. Art and nature has been an important part of her life since a young age. She grew up in a beautiful southern town in China and was trained under a sumi-e painter at a young age. After growing up, she moved to United States to study animation and computer graphics in University of Pennsylvania, and then started working as a gaming software engineer after graduation.

But her love for art continued strongly. She spent years developing her artist career while working as a full time engineer.The eastern and western influence on her moved her to incorporate minimalist eastern aesthetic into colorful western aesthetic. The process of making art also helped her tremendously when dealing with stress and depression from her engineer job. Now she is a full time artist, she wants to channel such healing power to her audience through her art, helping them ease the stress and pain in modern life.

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