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Zack Goulet

Zack Goulet

Chicago, United States


Zack Goulet began taking art seriously during his last year of high school in 2005. He went on to take art classes at a community college where he met working artists who were teaching. Zack went on to receive his BFA in Painting from the College of Visual Arts in Saint Paul, Minnesota in 2012, and worked as a studio assistant for sculptor, Aaron Spangler.

After moving back to Chicago in 2013, Zack worked as a studio assistant for sculptor Nick Cave for 4 years and currently is working full-time on painting in his studio in the Garfield Park neighborhood in Chicago.

Zack has participated in a number of exhibitions in Chicago at the Hairpin Arts Center, ARC Gallery, Parlour & Ramp, and The Other Art Fair. His work is collected internationally as well as held in the collection of sculptor Nick Cave. In 2020 Zack was named a Saatchi Art Rising Star. Zack has been featured in New Visionary magazine, and has published NFTs for Saatchi Art, The Artling, and Artespace.

Artist Statement

Drawing on outsider art sensibilities, and inspired by living in a city in the digital age, Zack describes his work as a search for balance within the 2D picture plane, fusing craft-oriented patterns, shapes, and motifs- to create abstract narratives for the viewer to mine visually.

He thinks of painting a residual representation of how consciousness creates reality. He wants his paintings to comment on the relevance of handmade objects in a digitally saturated world.

Themes explored in Zack’s work include ideas about suppressed information, interdimensional communication, supersynchronicites, freedom, and the human condition.

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