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Yolanda Galery

Yolanda Galery

She / Her / Hers
Seattle, United States


Yolanda Galery is a self-disciplined artist based in Seattle. Yolanda works in acrylic and digital mediums. Born in Colorado, her family relocated to Eastern Washington where she spent her childhood. From a young age Yolanda has had a deep appreciation for art. As a child she would create portraits of friends and family. Throughout the years, Yolanda has pursued a career in Laboratory Science but her true calling has always been creating art. She now practices art full-time and strives to add a little more color to our everyday field of vision. 

Artist Statement

Yolanda enjoys producing works that celebrate inspirational figures in pop culture as well as pieces that highlight self love and acknowledge the beauty found in various walks of life. Yolanda creates art that applies the freedom and expression of vibrant hues, pushing the boundaries of color harmony.

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