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Valentina Ferro

Valentina Ferro

Seattle, United States


Valentina is a physicist and an artist based in the Pacific Northwest.

She comes from the sunny coast of Sicily (Italy), where she spent her childhood and obtained a BSc and MSc in physics. In 2014, she moved to Scotland for her PhD in applied physics and biophysics. In the rainy days commuting to the university, she brushed off her old love for drawing and started practicing more intentionally.

In 2018, while writing up her PhD thesis, Valentina self-published Inking Science, an illustrated book at the interface between science and art. Since then, she built up the courage to call herself an artist and put her work into the world.

She now works as an optical engineer, and spend all her weekend drawing.

When she isn't drawing, she spend time cuddling with her cat Po, snuggling with her son Leto, and making/drinking beer with her husband.

Artist Statement

Valentina believes that there is a beauty in science that can only be truly communicated through art. She hope that her work can help make that beauty accessible to everyone.

She has mostly worked with ink and digital illustrations, but she is currently exploring new painting media, like gouache, acrylics and oil.

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