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Usha Kolpe

Usha Kolpe

she / her
Oak Brook, United States


I am a physician artist, firmly believe in Peace and Human rights. I am deeply disturbed by environmental pollution and actively involved with United Nations Project for Ocean Clean-up. I want to speak to the world with my work.
I a am self taught  artist and mainly paint with acrylic and oil. I have exhibited in Biennale Venice, 2022 and Swiss Expo, 2022.
I am a recipient of. “ International PEGASUS prize” 2023.
My work is shown in Oak Park Art league and DuPageArt league, IL, Elmhurst art guild”, Naperville art league, Special collection at University of Illinois Library.
I got People's Choice Award "Small for Exhibit" Shine the Light, 2022. I became a finalist in "Art Show Inter-national". My work was shown in "Urbanization and Health International Art Exhibition and Global Contest, “ War or Peace “ by Human rights organization, Washington.

Artist Statement

My art is mainly inspired by nature and my surroundings.
Nature is emotionally restorative to me. It gives a sense of renewal that paves the way for my self-reflections within me and outside surroundings, for my personal growth, and spiritual evolution.
Nature's changes and events profoundly healing effect just like dawn rolls out after night, spring after winter pleasure and pain of every seasonal events that heal the wounds of life events some time with scar or without scar. These events transformation into meaningful new light and beautiful dimensions to life resulting in resilience, defiance and reverence to all life forms.
Lifeforce resourceful elements, water, air, fire, space, earth, sun, moon, planets, stars, their transformation to mountains, rivers, lakes, clouds, plants, animals, the gifts endowed to human life. Nature constantly nurturing, dynamically changing, transforming, each having its own energy and radiance with the harmony of mystic mist. The same harmony within me, around me, and along with nature is visible in my paintings and drawings.
Nature is a real doctor that heals the soul, gives peace, and motivates the discovery of endless new frontiers of life.
The forests, landscapes, a tree, colorful flowers, birds, bees, insects tell the story of the endless possibility of joy and grace to embrace. I tried to capture these events in full or in a fragmented manner to show the beauty of nature that creates positive emotions, happiness, and peace within me and the viewers.

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