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Tyler Mark

Tyler Mark

He / Him
Hyattsville, United States


Tyler Mark is a visual abstract artist based in the Washington D.C. area where he has been living since his family moved from Houston, TX. He graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in Literature. He has led a dual career as account manager for a compliance/security firm and a bartender. His career as a painter began in February 2021when he had the time to explore more diverse ways of being creative. He has become taken with the medium, creating works at a prodigious rate.

Tyler Marks work has been featured:

Van Der Plas Gallery in Manhattan, NY (Oct. 2021)
CHAL & Hill Center in Washington DC (May 2023 - Current)

Artist Statement

For most of my adolescence and young adulthood, I dreamed of being the writer of next great American novel. As I grew older, it became harder and harder to put pen to paper, to answer the blinking cursor on the blank screen. Life and adulthood took their turns (not all bad) (not all good), and it culminated in the Pandemic. I needed an escape from the boredom of staring at a screen. At the whim of my significant other we tried pouring acrylic paint on canvas. To my immediate surprise, I felt a strong connection to the colors and the way they came together. It spoke to me in terms that I understood on a level deeper than language. This has led to a great exploration of techniques and styles that show up in the sheer number and variety of works that I have created thus far. My work is meant to convey this freedom from having to put language to my thoughts all of the time. Sometimes it is enough to have potential of the thought or the feeling expressed in brushstrokes and paint splatters and crumpled tissue paper.

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