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Tori Fields

Tori Fields

she / her
Tacoma, United States


I am an assemblage and mixed media artist whose work centers the remnants, cast-offs, scraps, leftovers or left-behinds. I feel that these little nouns which have already lived a story before arriving in my studio embody memory–not of the highlights we’ve experienced, but the mundane and ordinary moments our life is made-up of. My work seeks to reveal the poignancy of those moments in which the glory and the ugly are suspended together in freeze-frame. The texture, odd juxtapositions, layering and mysterious objects in my pieces speak to the sentient quality of both living in the present and remembering our lives as they were. Wholeness and balance in these pieces are achieved through a rigorous intuitive gathering, visioning and stitching together of disparate elements–a process this artist knows well as I skirt middle age and considers all that was, and is, and is to come.

Artist Statement

A native to the Seattle area, Tori’s education and professional background is in design, but her artistic inclinations began at a very young age as a means to process the early grief and setbacks her life offered. Since 2019, assemblage and mixed media work has been her main focus. She calls upon her experience as a sewist and textile enthusiast in her pieces, and often incorporates elements found on long walks in her chosen home city of Tacoma Washington. Her work has been featured in such places as the Pierce County AIDS Foundation Gallery, 10x10xTieton exhibition in Tieton, Washington, and 13th Annual Juried Art Show of Sage Community arts in Sheridan, Wyoming.

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