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Tori Fields

Tori Fields

she / her
Tacoma, United States


Tori Fields wouldn’t change a thing about her life. But there was some suffering, some just getting-by, and there remain some lingering questions about her purpose and direction. However, her feeling is that it all works together to make a whole, and wholeness is the prize in and of itself. A native to the Seattle area, Tori’s education and professional background is in design, but her artistic inclinations began at a very young age as a means to process the early grief and setbacks her life offered. While always being creative, she re-discovered art for art’s sake in 2019 after a few more setbacks. Since then, assemblage has been her main focus. She calls upon her experience as a sewist and textile enthusiast in her pieces, and often incorporates elements found on long walks in her chosen home city of Tacoma Washington.

Artist Statement

Tori is an assemblage artist whose work centers the remnants, cast-offs, scraps, leftovers or left-behinds. She believes these ephemera and little nouns of our lives actually tell our stories in the most honest way–revealing much more than what we curate of ourselves for public consumption. But it is the integration of our hidden darkness, pain and failures that makes us whole beings. This artwork explores not the redemption of the unwanted, but the re-membering of it into new constellations wherein all the glory and the ugly are suspended together in freeze-frame. Wholeness and balance in these pieces are achieved through a rigorous intuitive gathering, visioning and stitching together of disparate elements–a process this artist knows well as she skirts middle age and considers all that was, and is, and is to come.

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