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Toby Petyt

Toby Petyt

He / Him
London, United Kingdom


I am an Architect by trade but I am now employed as a computational designer at Jason Bruges Studio, based in Hackney. Half English, half Thai, I grew up in France from the age of 8 and went to French school. I moved to England to study Architecture at the Bartlett School of Architecture UCL in 2012, and I have called London my home ever since.

Artist Statement

I am a digital artist that creates generative artworks. The final outcome of the piece is just as much of the art as the digital process used to create it. My work spans voxelised reimaginings of famous paintings, the illustration and representation of neurodivergency, critical architectural renderings, to just pushing the boundaries of computer software and discovering what generative art it can make, without necessarily knowing what the outcome will be. My work is often a collaborative process with my clients where they are heavily involved in the process of the design and feel ownership over the final piece.

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