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Tionna Cortez

Tionna Cortez

She / her
Hyattsville, United States


Tionna J. Cortez was born and raised in Washington D.C. She attended college at Pratt Munson Williams-Proctor 2014 and Pratt Institute 2020 with a major in Fine Arts painting. Now graduated from Pratt, Tionna works with various materials to narrate her attention to social realism and what it means to her.

Artist Statement

She works in oil paintings, drawings, and installations to convey the significance of what it means to interpret news, ethnic backgrounds, and her memories in art. The overall content of her work comes from an emotional connection between herself and the work and how it creates a conversation for people to talk about. Moments, when the public refuse or try to avoid certain topics, Tionna insists on creating work that creates a conversation where the audience is asked to share their opinions or feelings.

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