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thendara kida-gee

thendara kida-gee

she / her
Port Orchard, United States


Thendara is an artist and photographer born in New York, living and working in Seattle, Washington. She graduated from Central Saint Martin’s College of Arts with a BA Fine Art in 2002. Her photography incorporates autobiography; the natural world, both monumental and intimate; and architectural ruins and decay. Over the past decade her commissioned sculptural installations sited in alternative spaces weave together new landscapes through collaged photography.
Thendara’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. She participated in and curated site-specific artworks for Heaven and Earth public program in Seattle. Her work is held within public and private collections.

Artist Statement

My art is a dance between documenting the world as it stands and then reconstructing my own world which reflects concern for our natural world as well as the divide created by technology in regards to both the natural world and our own nature. My reconstructed world focuses on the what will it be as nature disappears. I create worlds of simple archetypes repeated or soundscapes of birds to fill the space when birds do not.
The satisfaction for me is having both aspects; the documentarian side which wishes to capture and preserve experience and the other half which considers in fear of future humans on Mars trying to understand the beauty of earth when left with a simple array of shapes representing what was, cave paintings of the future.

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