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Tatiana Trippett

Tatiana Trippett

she / her
Frome, United Kingdom


Tatiana Trippett (alias Tali Shine) was born in the Soviet Union city of Kurgan on November 10, 1984, in a family of engineers, was a second child.
Live now: Nunney, Frome, Somerset, UK
2001-2005 Kurgan State University, faculty of Technology, specialty “Environmental Engineer”.
2007-2009 St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, specialty “Engineer of production safety”.
2020-2021 online course of AI «Illustrator.core», 12 hours watched, 56 hours drew.
2022 online educational program for creative specialist pARTa, Laboratory CTRL+ART, 3 month.
Representation in the galleries and awards: 2022 Saatchi art online gallery
2022 Artmajeur online gallery
2022 Art Finder online gallery
The lectures, workshops, masterclasses, events:
2010-2014 lectures about contemporary art Shamanov K., St. Petersburg;
2014 conference of marketing “Digitale 6”, Saint-Petersburg;
2015 lecture Velikanov A. Moscow, Museum of modern art “Garage”; 21.01-11.02.2016 the lecture series “Two centuries of Russian applied art of the XVIII-XIX centuries”,
St. Petersburg, Museum of Faberge;
2016, July 27, Shamanov K., lecture “History and development of media activism”, Saint-Petersburg;
2021 online marathon for writers from V. Akkerman, 3 days.
2021 online marathon Cash+ART from A. Radchenko, 10 days.
Projects and the art of the action:
2002 participated in the ecological action “Plant forest”,personally planted more than 100 trees;
2004, participant of National Student Environmental seminar;
2017, August, mural in Street Art of Museum, St. Petersburg, size 4x2 metres
2019, January, work of stylist and clothes, publication in SHUBA magazine
2017-2019 - have produced, was model, designer and stylist for 10 fashion and art photosets, St. Petersburg.
2021 invited fashion designer and expert about punk culture on film Street Fashion Show, 5 Episode: Designers, 7 Episode: Designers Accessories

Artist Statement

In my art, I create a new reality based on our reality.
My medium is photos from my fashion shoots and Digitale.
Artistic style - mixed media.
It is important for me to determine the place of man and nature in the world of technology.
Ecology, technology and transhumanism are the three pillars of my philosophy. Through art, I want to see and show those threads of interactions of the world in which we now live. I believe that only an artist is able to embody the aspirations of humanity in a material object. One of the main tools that helps us in this is the Internet. In my work I am inspired by such projects and artists as Banksy, Andy Warhol, Demian Hirst, Alexander McQueen.
I've been doing creative work most part of my life. Of the latter, I made fashion collections in the punk style, it was my statement on the themes of violence, objectification and protest. I am constantly generating different ideas and parts from them become projects. I have accumulated a large amount of material from my creative shoots and all of them were devoted to the presentation of my collections, as well as a statement on the topic of femininity and strict standards of the fashion industry. Against the background of the active development of virtual reality and augmented reality, I came up with the idea to draw some photos from the shooting in an Adobe Illustrator as works of art.
Since nothing, in my opinion, can be more perfect than reality, I take the liberty to copy it and finish drawing new objects. That's a reason why the paintings look more alive and at the same time fantastic. They are like dreams that we try to remember until we finally wake up. They realise the perfect picture of the mind in my head before I prepare the shooting and implement it. It's like augmented reality, you can rethink and re-record yourself.
I think this is our immediate future.

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