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Tate Paviour

Tate Paviour

He / Him
Lewes, United Kingdom


Based in the Lewes, and graduating from UAL Wimbledon in Fine Art: Painting, Tate Paviour has been displaying work across the Southeast and London. Working with galleries, collectives, and both formal and informal spaces he’s keen to expand his practice to new perspectives and avenues of development.

Artist Statement

“I am fascinated by experience and consciousness - how all the way that the non-visual can influence memory and sensation, and how this can be rendered through paint and the movement and gestures it captures; though often abstract I consider a lot of my work to be a more honest reflection of the experiences and memories I intend to depict. In this way the landscape becomes just as much about the emotions I associate with it, the people I may have been with or the political constructs that stand above and shape it."

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