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Tasha Jentel

Tasha Jentel

Rockville, United States


Born and raised in Washington, D.C., Jentel developed a passion for the arts and painting from a young age. Each artwork presents a new opportunity for her to experiment and push the boundaries of black and white textural minimalism. Jentel’s use of texture is inspired by outer space, fashion, architecture, and the natural aging of exterior paint.
Her abstract sculptural works explore the spatial tension of black and white tonal contrasts with the complex simplicity of bold shapes and impasto detailing. Throughout each artwork, Jentel plays with the juxtaposition of various finishes inspired by minimalist interior design. A deep love for minimalism and thick textures guides her as she creates her abstract sculptural paintings.
She continues to expand her exploration of monochromatic and ideological neutrality through shape, line, texture, gesture, and movement.
Tasha Jentel’s artworks have been collected across the United States.

Artist Statement

I anlway aim to challenge and tug one’s experience. As someone who’s eccentric and hard to put in  box, I like to compel my viewers to explore the unidentified and the unexpected. All while hoping to leave a sense of adventure and spark a natural state of curiosity.

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