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Susanna Zema

Susanna Zema

She / Her
London, United Kingdom


Tireless dreamer and romantic soul, I express my love for nature through art and colours.
With a cup of tea and a yoga mat, my mind becomes creative in stillness.
My work wants to speak to your soul with kindness in strokes and deepness in movements and glaze.
I am a watercolour, gouache and acrylics painter, with an irrepressible passion for nature, animals and elephants.

Like many of you out there, my lifepath has been everything but linear.

With an extensive education in liberal arts, music and management, I have moved to London from my small hometown in Italy after spending one year in Tokyo and I have started my 9-5 career in the city.
But in the past years I couldn't stop the voice inside me that was telling me to follow my passion, no matter what. And that became stronger and stronger, fed also by my friends and family's support.
I want to be an artist, I am an artist! And I want to share the power of art with the world.

Artist Statement

Honesty, passion and kindness are my core values.
All my works are made with love in pursuing the mission to share positivity and joy for life! Feeding human souls with colours and calm is my main and highest goal.

My mission as an artist is to raise awareness for wildlife protection and for taking care of our Earth. The world where we live is a precious gift, and it should be never taken for granted.

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