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Susanna Zema

Susanna Zema

She / Her / They
London, United Kingdom


I was born in South Italy, a peaceful small town on the seaside of the Southern Italy coast. But as a young girl with innovative ideas, I was quickly bored of a city that was too peaceful and small, so I moved to Rome to study Japanese at Uni and then lived for one year in Japan to deepen my studies. 
After returning from Japan, I understood that Italy wasn't the right place for me to live yet, so I moved to London five years ago in pursuit of new opportunities and a more fulfilling life. 
Then the pandemic happened, and it wasn't until then that I truly appreciated the beauty of a slower pace and realised that a corporate lifestyle wasn't for me. My art reflects this realisation and my quest for balance and inner peace.
My artistic journey began during this unprecedented time in April 2020. During the lockdown, I discovered the healing power of art, mainly watercolours. They helped me see beauty in even the most challenging moments and transformed my perspective, seeing obstacles as opportunities. As a watercolour and gouache artist, I embrace fluidity and adaptability like water. We must train our souls to be flexible and open-hearted, especially in a constantly changing world.

Artist Statement

As a multidisciplinary artist, I believe in the spiritual and transformative power of nature, the Earth, and the Universe to heal and uplift the human soul. In a world where chaos and stress often rule, my art is a beacon of light, reminding us to reconnect with the natural world and tap into its divine energy. 

I want to help those feeling lost, disconnected, or drained by modern life rediscover their inner peace and happiness. With every piece I create, I aim to inspire people to look at the world with fresh eyes and transport them to a realm of pure and mystical beauty, where they can experience a spiritual connection with the natural world and the universe. 
It's a journey to reclaim what's been lost and experience the profound joy and serenity of being in harmony with the Earth and the cosmos. 

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