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Susan J Christensen

Susan J Christensen

Seattle, United States


Susan Christensen established her career as a visual artist in Southeast Alaska after completing her MFA at the University of Washington. She has exhibited widely in solo and group exhibits throughout Alaska and nationally. Her work is included in the collections of the Alaska State Art Bank, Clausen Museum, and numerous private collectors. Susan has been awarded several major public art commissions in Southeast Alaska and has served on the Alaska State Arts Council’s Visual Acquisitions panel. She lives in Seattle with her Studio Assistant dog, Siri.

Artist Statement

My images flow directly from my imagination, guided by intuition, in response to a random underpinning of
watercolor and ink mark making. I approach each new piece by first selecting a limited palette, often reaching across
the color wheel to take advantage of the helping hand complimentary colors can lend each other. Drawing is a first
love, and I relish using my pens to solve the puzzle presented by each new upstart. Using acrylic markers and other
semi-opaque media, I am able to push and pull as a drawing develops, looking always for relationships between the
characters who emerge and suggest the storyline.
On the most foundational level, my work is autobiographical. I work in series around recurring themes of magic and
relationships between creatures both real and imagined. I draw inspiration from world mythology, dreams, and
poetry. Gods and goddesses in my Art Pantheon include Elizabeth Murray, Remedios Varo, Leonora Carrington and
Paul Klee. Always, my aim is to shed light and offer joy to a world so often deficit of hope.

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