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Stephanie Pavlovcik

Stephanie Pavlovcik

She / Her
Seattle, United States


Stephanie Pavlovcik founded Earth + Cielo in May 2020, out of her apartment in Magnolia, Seattle. What started off as a lifelong affinity for skygazing, developed into an entire obsession with all elements of our planet. Moving from her hometown of Chicago to the Pacific Northwest, she found herself completely enamored by her epic surroundings in Washington. She mainly shoots digital but also loves to shoot with her dad's 35mm Nikon f3. Many of the featured photos hold personal and emotional significance to Stephanie, encapsulating beautiful and unforgettable moments of her life.

Earth + Cielo celebrates our planet's colorful beauty through digital and analog photography. From images of the ever-changing skyscape, to snow-capped mountains and vibrant spring flowers, our intention is to elevate awareness of the gorgeous micro and macrocosms that surround us everyday.

Artist Statement

My photography is meant to remind folks to look for beauty, and to cherish it, in everyday moments. Our lives and our existence hold so much magic - and it's up to us to realize and cherish it with immense gratitude whenever possible. In our fast-paced, digital age, it seems as though many people have lost their connection with our gorgeous world, and the fact that this life is truly a magical experience that shouldn't be taken for granted. I am forever inspired by Earth and its incredible beauty. As our civilization has become more advanced, it is clear we have become detached from and desensitized by its magnificence. Having moved from the flat Midwest (Chicago) to Seattle, something awoke within me. It was like I moved to another planet. I got to see our Earth from a whole new perspective, and I felt the need to capture and share its breathtaking beauty.

I create in hopes to remind people that our planet, our surroundings, should not be taken for granted. Magical moments exists all around us, if only we are willing to notice them. Magic exists in so many forms, but for me, the most exciting magic comes in the forms of colorful sunsets, perfect flowers, fleeting rainbows, snow-capped mountains, giant mossy trees, our silver moon
companion, and hidden forest mushrooms.

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