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Simon Currell

Simon Currell

London, United Kingdom


I am a London-born and based artist who creates large-scale digital collages that critique structures of power and oppression. Often depicting iconic, religious, kitsch and mundane imagery, my labour-intensive artworks reframe the contradictions required to believe in, and adhere to, these systems and institutions. My practice broadly explores exploitation and production schema, from religious organisations to capitalist institutions, highlighting the repetitive nature of existence and the correlations between the various authority structures that govern our lives. The resulting artworks are characterised by a fetishistic attention to detail, with my largest works taking years to create, they contain multiple nuanced layers that unfold slowly for the viewer. Epitomizing the fact that within these systems of power it is often difficult to see the wood from the trees, my composite images betray what at first glance might seem to be benign, as furtive and open to a multitude of malevolent interpretations. Often producing repetitive, kitsch-inspired artworks that embody the grey areas of life, my practice offers dark humour instead of solutions.

Simon Currell holds a Doctorate of Fine Art in Fine Art from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (Melbourne, AU),a Master of Arts in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design (London, UK), and a Bachelor’s of Fine Art (Hons) in Fine Art from Northampton University (Northampton, UK). He has exhibited within the UK and Europe and has held solo exhibitions at RMIT Gallery in Melbourne, AU, and the Menier Gallery, London UK. His work has been included in several publications, has featured on television and is held in private collections across the world.

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