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Sean Michael Ramsey

Sean Michael Ramsey

London, United Kingdom


Sean Michael Ramsey is a Newcastle-born, London-based artist born in 1990 who uses art to connect the spiritual with reality by eliciting emotions and experiences that are too hard to explain.

Sean has always been involved with art from simple sketches to oil paintings.
It all started in front of the TV as a child sketching and drawing his favourite cartoon characters. He progressed in school, where he studied art at A Level where he got to experiment with paints and oils in the form of Portraits and Landscapes.
He originally was going to study art at university but decided to go down another route within computing and moved to London to start his career in advertising technology but has continued to paint throughout.

With over 20 years of experience and within the last year, a focus on self-work via therapy and meditation, for the first time has been able to link his needs and emotions to his art. This was a proper form of expression for him by linking his therapy, his meditation and his passion he is now free to showcase his work and connect the spiritual with reality and with this hoping you can see and feel the love and thought behind it.

Artist Statement

The focus of my work has all stemmed from my own self-work via therapy and meditation, and for the first time having the ability to link my needs and emotions to the art. My art is a proper form of expression by linking therapy sessions, meditation and my passion for art. I am now free to showcase my work and connect the spiritual with reality, this is done through pure abstract expressionism and abstract landscapes, all depending on what emotions and feelings I am trying to express.

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