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Scott Chreist

Scott Chreist

Redmond, United States


Scott Chreist lives in Redmond, WA. I am an artist, photographer, musician, writer, and poet. Taken as a whole, I have been creating, in a vast range of formats, my entire life. I am influenced by people I’ve known and places I’ve been, by artists like Luigi Profeta, Matisse, Richter, Mark Price, and by the scenery life presents.

Artist Statement

My art expresses a merging of emotional fragments and faded memories.

I am fascinated by experienced moments. More precisely, the fragments of memory that linger over time. Like that memory only you have of the crack in the sidewalk under the bush in your backyard when you were 5. The texture of the cement, the berry stains in summer…

When painting, my mind visits these memories, sometimes lingering, sometimes staying only to gain a feeling or recall a fragment. These memories negotiate with my expression.

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