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Scot Briscoe

Scot Briscoe

he, him, his
Burien, United States


Hi. My name is Scot. I am a reasonably fine dabbler in fine art, drawing and a practitioner of creative expression. Trained as an illustrator at Utah State University, I have spent my professional career working in ad agencies and leading Customer Experience teams for retail websites.

My palette comes from the low light and long shadows of the mountains that I grew up near. I try to capture the fluidity of nature, mirrored in my own constantly changing and moving whims.

In 2019, i picked up my tools again after over a decade of not creating. I would like to share my work, my struggles, my thoughts and inspiration with you. The current work is capturing only a moment in time within my journey to next. I hope you like it.

Artist Statement

I create what I do because color and lines that I see won’t stay in my head. The smallest leaf or flower will catch my eye and draw me into its own intimate moment of shadow and light. The bigness of the outdoors calls to me, echoing my own cavernous desire to stir someone else by sharing my interpretation of this smallest (or biggest) expression of life.

Nothing is as satisfying as charcoal on my fingers, paint on my jeans or flecks on my glasses; I attack the surface with emotive strokes, smudges and smears of contrast and harmony. I love the feel of creativity.

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