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Rya Wu

Rya Wu

She / her
Seattle, United States


Born in Seattle to Taiwanese immigrants, Rya’s upbringing was interwoven with traditional Chinese values surrounded by American culture and lifestyle, with the progressive urban backdrop of Seattle. It has been an arduous journey of personal growth and reclamation to liberate the artist within. In the face of difficult barriers of family and societal expectations, Rya transformed trauma, grief, anxiety and depression into a vibrant art practice grounded in intrapersonal work and community. A self-trained abstract expressionist painter, educator, and life coach, Rya uses her process to engage others on the path towards healing, wholeness, and creative flourishing.

Artist Statement

I am an abstract expressionist painter on a mission to make the invisible world of our emotional landscape visible. I started painting during the pandemic as a means to process grief and loss. Seeing my internal experience made visible unlocked something inside, and allowed parts of me to heal in a way that words could not. Sharing my work with my community taught me the power of art to heal not only the artist, but also the viewer. Something about primarily invisible experiences made visible and tangible has the power to shift something inside - and to me, that's magic. So that's what I'm after, really, is listening to the guides within and playing with colors, textures, rhythms, and forms to give those internal experiences a visual voice. The outcome is a greater sense of self that resonates, creating similar inner shifts for the viewer, and therefore resulting in a shared healing experience through art.

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