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Ruby ‘RubyanaDraws’ Boualayan

Ruby ‘RubyanaDraws’ Boualayan

She / her
London, United Kingdom


RubyanaDraws is a multimedia artist based in London. Growing up as a creative individual, she has dabbled in acrylic painting, charcoal, pastels and everything in between. After stopping to pursue her degree in engineering, she found herself back to her creative roots in the middle of the pandemic. With only her iPad at hand during lockdown, she was determined to mimic traditional brush strokes digitally, resulting in a few collections based on digital abstract. 

Artist Statement

RubyanaDraws now practices with acrylic and digital abstract, using vibrant colors and visible brush strokes to showcase feminine power and strength. As a woman in stem, she is determined to highlight the strength of the female form, with an underlying nod to her grace and force. 

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