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Rommy Gonzalez

Rommy Gonzalez

She / her
Waldorf, United States


Rommy González is a colombian artist residing in Maryland since 2021. She explores the contrast and playfulness of colors, and the impact they have in our everyday lives. She is strongly influenced by italian futurism and it's choice of colors. She also draws her inspiration from other mediums like fashion, design, architecture and photography, creating unique pieces that work on every environment.

She studied marketing and advertisment in Bogotá, Colombia, but was always surrounded by art; her father was a colonial art restorer that passed away on 2022, giving her a renewed love for painting.

Artist Statement

I tend to create from the experiences I have in my mind in that moment, and the emotions and therapeutic value a specific color gives me, then it's just catharsis, experimentation and flow. Sometimes you arrive to a good result, sometimes you don't like it at the end, but the journey of the creation is most enjoyable to me.

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