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Rodney H. King

Rodney H. King

he / him
Puyallup, United States


Rodney H King. I am a artist whom recently started painting. I generally focus on imaging depicting black culture as well as city scapes. My primary medium is acrylic but I’m always expanding and excerising new ideas. Self taught and motivated by the life I live. Welcome to the strokes of  Kings pen. 

Artist Statement

A little about me. I was raised in the Central District and Federal Way. I am a Marine whom currently manages a post office in the city of Tacoma. My background influences my work due to my love for my culture, I paint what I love, basketball, hip hop, jazz and the state that made me. My art represents my mood, it represents the black experience, happiness, competition, success and love. I am inspired by pop culture, the love of my family and proving those whom doubt me wrong. I create art as a stress reliever as a way to relax and to focus my energy on something positive that brings me and others joy.

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