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Preeti Agrawal

Preeti Agrawal

She / her
Rollingwood, United States


Preeti Agrawal, an artist of Indian heritage, finds her creative sanctuary amidst the vibrant energy of Austin, Texas. The cultural influences woven from her upbringing in India and two decades of life in the United States, Preeti's artistic journey is a testament to the fusion of diverse experiences.
Specializing exclusively in watercolors for her two-dimensional artworks, Preeti's fascination with this medium knows no bounds. Self-taught and endlessly curious, she embraces a variety of subjects in her work. However, it is the enchanting allure of Indian folk art, particularly the intricate Madhubani style, and the timeless charm of antique doors and objects that hold a special place in her heart.
For Preeti, the essence of painting lies in the deep connection she shares with her subjects. Unrestricted by time constraints, she immerses herself in each artwork, allowing her passion to guide her brushstrokes.
Driven by a desire to touch lives through her art, Preeti aspires to transport viewers to distant places and bygone eras. Her hope is to evoke nostalgia and spark imagination, inviting audiences to explore the richness of history through her creations.
Looking ahead, Preeti envisions her artistic journey continuing to unfold with a focus on capturing the essence of moments and scenes from the past. 

Artist Statement

Preeti Agrawal is an enthusiastic Austin-based watercolor artist, an avid crafter, and a social media blogger. While she enjoys painting a variety of subjects, her passion lies in depicting
antique objects, particularly doors from different times and places. For Preeti, these doors are not just entrances to buildings but represent the physical embodiment of diverse people, times, and places. Each door, in her view, has its own personality and history, and through her paintings, she feels she is able to unlock their world and pay homage to their lives and

In addition to doors, Preeti also finds joy in creating Madhubani paintings – an ancient style of folk art from India. The bright and colorful palette of Madhubani art not only appeals to her
aesthetic sensibilities but also helps her stay connected to her Indian roots and heritage. When not engaged in painting, Preeti indulges in sewing, crafting with crepe paper and wood,
and upcycling old items into new creations. She believes that in recent times, the value of handmade goods has diminished, and she is dedicated to reviving the art of handcrafting. This
commitment led her to start a craft blog three years ago, where she shares DIY tutorials on crafts that anyone can undertake. Her passion for repurposing materials and upcycling also
inspired her to conduct several workshops at Austin

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