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Monica Mardare

Monica Mardare

She / her
London, United Kingdom

Artist Statement

Monica Mardare is a UK artist living in South London. She graduated from the London College of Contemporary Arts, Fashion and Textiles, where she specialised in Prints and Graphics.

Her passion for design, art, and fashion resides in her childhood. From the age of six, she loved painting and creating garments and accessories. In high school, she created jewellery and clothing and sold them to her classmates and art shops.

Whilst running her own business in advertising, she had the opportunity to work exclusively as a dealer of Tyvek DuPont in Romania. She promoted this fabric in the Romanian textile market for seven years and she designed clothes, accessories, swimwear, and sportswear in that fabric, and she has presented designs at national fairs such as Best Romanian Fashion Brands in 2006 and in Spain at the DuPont World Dealers in Barcelona, in 2007. Later, she worked closely with DuPont Luxembourg as a Designer for Tyvek DuPont creating new garments for different promo events. Her designs have been copied and produced worldwide by fashion retailers and sold successfully in Europe.

For her, a life without art is like a bird without wings. Creating art has lots of meanings for her. She paints to express her emotions; she paints her thoughts and her memories.

Monica is currently an Art Tutor for Bromley Recovery College and is involved as an artist in other boroughs, with various affiliations, such as being a member of Art Network Sutton, and an Artist member of Wandsworth Art. She teaches different art workshops privately, promoting art for well-being, and is also involved as a volunteer Art Tutor for Sound Minds, an organisation that offers Art for people with mental health and learning difficulties.

She currently exhibits her artwork in different art galleries across London.

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