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MJ Kasiarz

MJ Kasiarz

London, United Kingdom

Artist Statement

“Art is not created in solitude. It lives and breathes in the monotony of every day. The ordinary can accomplish excellence despite its flaws; order can be realised through randomness; and a craft can be made whole by putting together its fragments.”

A multimedia artist and textile designer. Glasgow School of Art graduate who believes that to achieve perfection, flaws must exist.

Sustainability in surface design must be celebrated. Therefore, art is defined by reusable objects and materials.

At the centre is love of materials, processes, textures, colours, quality, and craft.

Using post-production mill waste, upholstery, scraps, recycled paper, trims and seconds materials, a sustainable making process is developed which can be applied to embroidery and print techniques to create surface design that reimagines waste into new embellished textiles and abstract pieces.

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