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Mike Murphy

Mike Murphy

he / him
Tacoma, United States


Mike Murphy is a self-taught abstract artist living and working in Tacoma Washington. He was originally drawn to painting as somewhat of an act of defiance, as Mike is technically colorblind. His artistic style has evolved over the years, ranging from folk art to character drawings, but as of 2022 he has focused exclusively on acrylic-based abstract art. Mike incorporates color theory to piece together palettes for his paintings, and primarily works with liquid acrylics and blown air from either a straw or melodica tube. This process allows him to create abstract forms from a series of what he lovingly refers to as "cosmic microbursts".

Artist Statement

I believe making abstract art can be an impactful way to convey thoughts, ideas, and emotions that wouldn't typically translate into conventional art forms. I'm a stargazing nut, so my paintings are often inspired by the cosmos. I approach my works by envisioning a burst of organic matter that's on its way to becoming something tangible, but has yet to fully form. These objects represent the idea that all life forms are tied to one another, and that our collective consciousness is fluid, pliable, and open to interpretation.

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