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Mike Murphy

Mike Murphy

he / him
Tacoma, United States


Mike Murphy is an entrepreneur and abstract artist currently living in Tacoma, Washington. He was raised in North Carolina, graduated from a liberal arts college outside of Chattanooga TN, and has called the Pacific Northwest home since 2008. In 2013, he opened a successful brewery in Seattle, which he co-owned and operated until deciding to sell his portion of the company in 2022 to pursue new opportunities and creative ventures.

Artist Statement

I'm not one to wax poetic about how my art holds a mirror to society, or acts as an introspective study of being hurled into the trauma of the human experience on a celestial body that's barreling through the cosmos into vast nothingness at an alarming rate. Instead I'll say that I simply love to create and collaborate, whether the focus is on art, or music, or business. As a self-taught artist, painting is an extremely rewarding and therapeutic process for me, and it brings me joy to share my art with others. I'm constantly inspired by how drastically a piece of artwork can change the entire atmosphere of a space, and the symbiotic relationship between art and interior design. I've worked with many mediums throughout the years, but I'm currently hooked on creating abstract paintings with fluid acrylics. I enjoy the intricate details that can be created by moving paint with air and gravity, resulting in patterns that appear to be captured mid-motion. Ultimately I think everyone has the ability to create art in their own unique and meaningful way, and the fact that art is so subjective is all the more inspiration for me to let go of inhibitions and simply create.

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