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Michele di Erre

Michele di Erre

he / him
Skegness, United Kingdom


Born in Turin, but happiest in the world.
I taught myself through books a few years ago. Just browse my art to get to know me better, you'll dip in and out of my subconscious with various paintings taking inspiration from my dreams.
I'm travelling the world with my sketchbook, catching inspiration, making art and connections with other artists.

Artist Statement

I work mostly with traditional materials like pencil, pens, ink brush or pen, watercolours and I love to use oil paints and more rarely acrylics. 
I make illustrations for my own products as well as for other clients.
People, Animals and Nature are a recurring theme in my work, mixed as in a dream, I try to return that confused feeling of dreams, ordering it into an image. Serious and important issues are often hidden in my artworks. I try to use my illustrations to make a positive impact on the world and to inspire others and myself to be more aware of the little things.

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