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Melissa Hasley

Melissa Hasley

She / Her
Bothell, United States


Melissa Hasley, a Texas transplant who discovered her artistic calling in the Pacific Northwest, has been on a remarkable journey as an artist since her relocation to the Seattle area in 2009. It all began when her husband challenged her to breathe life into a piece of wood that had been hanging in their home gym. Melissa, drawn to the wood's mesmerizing grain, saw a face hidden within its patterns. Intrigued, she painted the face she envisioned, igniting her artistic journey.

Night after night, Melissa found solace in painting as she immersed herself in the world of murder mystery TV shows. Over time, she amassed a collection of art pieces, each lovingly crafted on reclaimed wood with intriguing grain patterns. Encouraged by her husband, Melissa decided to share her creations with the world.

Melissa's art is a testament to her love for the unusual and the whimsical. She unleashes her imagination to conjure unique creatures and faces, all vividly painted with bright and lively colors. Her art is a reflection of her playful spirit, transforming ordinary wood into extraordinary expressions of creativity.

Artist Statement

I am a contemporary abstract artist based in Kirkland, Washington. My artistic journey is a passionate exploration of the interplay between vibrant colors and the textures of reclaimed wood. By utilizing acrylic on rough wood surfaces and finishing with a shiny glaze, I aim to accentuate the inherent character of the wood, allowing its unique history and imperfections to become an integral part of my art.

My work is an ode to the beauty found in the overlooked and the obscure. I am drawn to the challenge of transforming old, weathered wood or discovering newer pieces with fascinating wood grains. This process is an exciting, almost treasure-hunt-like experience for me, and I'm always eager to return to my studio to begin painting.

My art is a reflection of my fascination with the unconventional and the raw. I seek to create pieces that not only 'pop' with color but also provoke a sense of wonder and intrigue in the viewer. Through my work, I hope to invite others to appreciate the beauty in the unrefined and to embrace the extraordinary found within the ordinary.

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