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Maya Garcia

Maya Garcia

They, She
Chicago, United States


Mx. Maya García is a trauma survivor, a disabled, two-spirit, non-binary, demisexual, multiracial and multiethnic reconnecting Indigenous (Nahua, Hñäñú) visual storyteller. They wear several hats as a visual artist, author, poet, singer and advocate. Through words, concepts, pictures and audio art, they convey stories from the past, present and future in vivid multimedia. García is the founder of Maya’s Divine Designs, the author of “Before the Fire” and TruthByTwo, a music, spoken word podcast and blog.

They are also a member of the Zasu Collective, an alumni of the RAW Artists Collective, a former featured artist at Buzz Cafe. Maya has also participated in both group and solo art exhibitions, including ‘Side Effects’ and ‘Patchwork Heart.’ Mx. García practices a form of spiritual, intuitive art, tapping into their subconscious mind, in order to not only access a seemingly unlimited flow of ideas, but to also overcome the “negative voices” of self-doubt, the fallout from being a survivor of multiple forms of abuse and trauma. Their resilience and courageous spirit have allowed them to not only pursue their creative goals and share their story fearlessly, but they have also been a voice within the trauma survivor, 2SLGBTQIA+, disability and Indigenous online communities, participating actively in raising awareness through the power of multimedia art, storytelling and advocacy.

Artist Statement

I am a self-taught, intuitive visual artist. I didn’t go to art school. My style is my own, and so is my technique. My art is purely instinct-based, and can best be described as essentially abstract in nature, but I don’t adhere to just one style of art anymore than I do to any one medium of artistic expression. I am an artistic magpie by nature. No form of creative expression is off-limits to me, and I have worked with visual storytelling, painting, drawing, photography, illustration, digital art, videography, product and logo design, audio art, and singing/songwriting. I have let go of the fears of perception and judgment, and am dedicating my life’s work to experimenting with new materials, mediums and styles, following my vision to wherever it leads.  As for influences, I’m attracted to art and artists who flip my perceptions of reality, space and time. I’m a fan of the Surrealist movement, Modern Art, especially early to mid 20th century, Cubism and Fauvism, as well as folk art. I enjoy some Abstract Expressionist and even Pop Art pieces too. I’m a rebel at my core, and appreciate any attempts at irony, and upending the powers that be, whether it’s the almighty U.S. military-industrial complex, or in the fabled halls of the art establishment. So, art that challenges our perceptions of the world from a bird’s eye view particularly appeal to me. Music, travel and films influence me too. Walking outside on a rainy day or by the beach influences me.  Every time I come into contact with another living being, even if it’s just with the footprints they left on the sand of our shared consciousness, I am influenced and changed by it, because I believe that we are all connected, and carry energy within us.

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