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Maura NíConnell

Maura NíConnell

She / Hers
Seattle, United States


I attended many schools, trying to figure out what I wanted to do for a career: Mechanical Drafting/CAD, Graphic Design, Multimedia.

I struggled with what I wanted to do versus what would provide me with long-term employment. Long story short, I was trained in all sorts of mostly artistic jobs. Jobs, not careers as I suffered from debilitating depression, trying so hard to be a "success". I finally gave up on being successful. Many health problems have derailed my having a "normal" 9-5 job. I am fortunate to be able to paint as often as I like and share my work with people who understand my sense of play and attention to little details that make my work stand out from a lot of other artists.

When I'm not painting, I enjoy playing drums, hanging out with my sweet Russian Blue cat. Sometimes I sleep. I love to hang around in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Artist Statement

When I worked as a map maker, I used to imagine cities of the future. Now, I create my own mindscapes of color and shape. I imagine what a bird would see as it flew over my cities.

For my other styles of paintings, again, colorful shapes and interesting juxtapositions create new and exciting worlds. Playfulness is one of my main goals with my Abstract Acrylic paintings. Who ever thinks about the social lives of Plankton, for instance? I do! And, realizing that Plankton is largely responsible for cleaning our atmosphere and keeping all creatures alive...I've given my Plankton personality, in a way.

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