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Matt Leaman

Matt Leaman

he / him / his
Seattle, United States


Matt is a Ballard-based nature and wildlife enthusiast and photographer. Before the pandemic, he spent a lot of time hiking and backpacking. This spring, he spent a lot of time kayaking near Camano Island with gray whales that visit the Salish Sea each year. He then spent 7 weeks on San Juan Island last summer working with the Orca Behavior Institute to collect data on the two distinct Orca populations that spend time in the inland waters. During this time, he had many incredible experiences with a lot of different whales. After returning to Seattle and starting work again, he started spending a lot of time observing other wildlife in the Seattle region.

Artist Statement

I love spending time outside, taking the time to pay attention to all of the beauty that is around us all the time. It is especially fun to see animals of all types in their wild environments, and to sit back and observe to learn about their behaviors and personalities. I hope that my photography helps you feel some of the same things that I feel while experiencing these moments, and fosters a greater appreciation for nature.

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