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Marne Jensen

Marne Jensen

she / her
Sammamish, United States


Marne Jensen is an abstract and impressionist painter whose artwork is flavored by nature. She has spent most of her life involved with some facet of artistic expression. She has a B.A. degree with a minor in Fine Art followed by graduate school where she majored in Business Administration. Her skills as a painter have been enhanced by numerous workshops with nationally recognized master teachers, and over the past twenty-five years her paintings have been featured in several fine art galleries and juried exhibits in the Seattle area as well as in Arizona. Marne is represented in the online galleries of Parklane Gallery in Kirkland, WA and the Sedona Arts Center in Sedona, AZ.

Her career in the world of commerce includes several years owning her own business consulting firm in the Seattle area where she specialized in marketing planning. As a teacher, she was a faculty member at City University of Seattle as well as the Sedona Arts Center in Arizona.

Artist Statement

Working primarily with acrylic paint on canvas, I like to focus on contemporary artwork expressed with interesting combinations of shape, color, and texture. I am equally as comfortable painting a landscape as I am creating an abstract. When I begin a painting, I view it as a puzzle that needs solving and the best solution for each one differs. My objective is not to capture an exact physical likeness, but to aim for an emotional experience. I attempt to get past the mechanics used to reproduce a subject and instead capture the essence.

Creativity is the train that pulls my work, and the development of my art involves serendipity as I endeavor to create a visual story rather than reproduce what can be accomplished with a camera. When beginning a painting, I view it as uncharted territory with no road map – only potential options and choices that offer challenges where the journey many times becomes more important than the destination. I view my life and my art as a path of self-discovery.

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