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Marcela Diaz Baeza

Marcela Diaz Baeza

she / her
Waltham Cross, United Kingdom


Marcela Diaz is a chilean artist working and living in the U.K since 2016.
She studied visual art, fashion design and art teaching in Chile.
She specializes in oil painting and mix media where the protagonist is the feminine figure presented in magical, surreal and symbolic scenes along with nature and animals elements. She combines figurative representation and abstract textures to create suggestive and appealing compositions.
She has exhibited her art in Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, and recently in some group  exhibitions in Hertfordshire and London.

Artist Statement

I believe life is so beautiful and art is for me a way to celebrate joy for life, beauty and sensually along with our connection with nature and animals I see that this modern violent, competitive and selfish society needs to make a profound change to be more cooperative, egalitarian and much more connected and respectful with nature and art  have the magic wand of inspiration to help us to visualise and transport our mind and senses to a world where everything is possible, where love and beauty of life is protagonist.

I paint women because they represent the most beautiful and creative energy. The Feminine Energy within all of us, women or men, is the life-giving and nurturing power of nature, the tenderness of a mother, the beauty and magic of creativity.
My mission as an artist is to make art that invites the viewer to cross a bridge and find a place to dream and celebrate the beauty of life.

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