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Marc Sabbagh

Marc Sabbagh

Arlington, United States


I am emerging abstract artist originally from Houston, Texas and currently based out of the DMV. I started painting in 2016 in the metro-DC area, taking up a tradition passed down from my grandpa to my aunts and uncles, and now to me.

For many years, I've subscribed to a philosophy of "leaving a mark" - to me, it's about doing things in an unmistakable and unique way. In work, life, and now in art, I strive to have a distinguishable impact and I seek to leave a lasting impression through my actions, in ways no one else can. In this case, I hope it is through my art - with you as the viewer!

I am inspired by sublime aesthetics, hoping to create works that exude a quality of greatness and grandeur - whether through color relationships, the motion and movement in my pieces, or compositions that help create feelings of great magnitude and an overpowering sense of awe.

My inspiration also comes from international travel and the sights and sounds I've experienced abroad, specifically the Middle East.

My latest paintings are meditations on the Book of Psalms and have been an unexpected and meaningful way for me to pray and reflect on the Bible and express my faith.

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