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Luisa Aviles

Luisa Aviles

She / her
Silver Spring, United States


Luisa got her artistic inspiration from family members.
Her family is composed of different types of artists, such as painters, sculptors, writers, and performers.
As a young child, her mom took her and her sisters to art classes and art festivals at a local park, every summer. Which added a sense of playfulness and adventure to the way Luisa started experiencing art. 
Growing up in a big city, Luisa was exposed to different artistic expressions that always enjoyed with her two younger sisters and parents. Her favorites were painting and contemporary dance. Since Venezuela was considered the “Gate of Latin America” a lot of artists from Europe and the US presented their work there, before any other country in the continent; making the artistic scene in Caracas very rich. At home, her mom always had a canvas on an easel ready to paint the mountains or the beaches of Venezuela. Luisa was (and still is) curious about the positive effects of the creative expression in people. Especially children. In
2020, Luisa was part of the Intergenerational Exchange Program at Dance Exchange. This was funded by the National Endowment of the Arts, and supports local artists working with adults across the aging spectrum. 
Luisa holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, a Master’s Degree in Special Education, and a Creative Catalyst Certificate.  ​Since 2015, she has been studying intuitive painting and intentional creativity, and ways to incorporate positive psychology, therapeutic art, and nature in her process. 
Gracias for ser tu mismo!

Artist Statement

​To use creativity to facilitate community and to bring the best in people in a joyful way

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