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Louise Hardy

Louise Hardy

London, United Kingdom


Born in the North West of the UK, Louise Hardy completed a foundation course at Blackpool College of Technology followed by a Fine Art degree at the Ruskin School of Art, Oxford University. After post-graduate studies in Film & Theatre design, Hardy pursued a career in television and film design and arts administration, maintaining her practice throughout. She has exhibited in regular group and solo shows in London and overseas, featured in many selected shows and has work in both public and private collections. She is currently doing an MA in Fine Art at City and Guilds Art School in London.

Artist Statement

Using photographic transfer as a starting point, Louise Hardy’s atmospheric paintings reimagine the architectural topography following war, of decimated cityscapes, now rising, transcendent, from the ashes. Their tilted, vertiginous perspective invites the viewer to soar above whilst being mesmerisingly drawn in by her use of highly-charged colour, and an intricate and textured application of paint . Through a lengthy process of translucent layering, dripping, pouring and re-working, they reveal an archaeology of mark-making and experiment beneath, evidence of a deep-seated love of her medium.

Her new body of work made this year features large-scale paintings, including “quiet their blood lies in crimson rooms”, which attest to her love of materiality, monumental architecture, an obsession with the ravages of war and a desire to see hope restored. Her paintings are intended to be arresting and emotive, luminous and complex, evoking an atmosphere of mystery and wonder.

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