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Liz Ewings

Liz Ewings

She / her
Seattle, United States


Liz Ewings is a Seattle based painter. Growing up near Puget Sound instilled in her an appreciation of the marine world, which is visible in her art. Drawing from her background in oceanography and scientific illustration she photographs microorganisms she has collected from Puget Sound under a microscope at the University of Washington and layers them with aerial photography and painted representations of oceanographic data to create her paintings.

Liz studied art and the University of Washington, and graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in Apparel Design. Her design career led her to Portland and Los Angeles. Liz lived in southern California for eleven years, where she learned to surf and scuba dive, further cementing her love of the ocean. She fell in love with Southern Ocean humpback whales after seeing them for the first time in Hervey Bay, Australia, and became determined to have whales in her life.

Following an eighteen-year career in apparel design, Liz returned to Seattle in 2006 to study Natural Science Illustration at the University of Washington. She completed her certification in 2007. Because she loves making art about science, she realized she wanted to learn more about the science, particularly the world whales live in. This desire led her to study oceanography at the University of Washington, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in 2011. Her paintings are informed by her studies of oceanography.

Artist Statement

I make abstract paintings of water and the ocean to explore the dichotomy between the artificial and the natural. I incorporate images of plankton, retired nautical charts, and squares in an exploration of the balance/struggle between rigidly imposed boundaries and fluid chaos. I work in squares following the oceanographic convention of breaking the ocean into squares and cubes, bringing order to chaos. My multi-panel pieces are painted as one, then separated and joined using spacers as a way of repairing the broken parts of nature.

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