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Lisa Marshall

Lisa Marshall

she / her
Seattle, United States


Lisa is a Seattle-based textile artist who creates life-like pet portraits using applique and quilting techniques.

As a teenager, Lisa began quilting as inspired by her mother. She began working with textiles again right before the pandemic, and being forced to stray home turned into a great opportunity to work on sewing projects at home. Her first projects in 2019 were traditional pieced throw and bed quilts.

On a separate life trajectory, Lisa began adopting senior dogs 10+ years ago and continues to champion senior pet rescue.

During the pandemic lockdown, she began wondering whether it would be possible to merge these two passions and experimented with creating raw-edge appliqué fabric collage pet portraits.

Artist Statement

I enjoy experimenting with the levels of realism that I can achieve with textiles, typically quilter's cotton. I have always enjoyed creating art but I struggled for years to find a medium that I wanted to work with for very long . I find that working within constraints inspires me to find interesting solutions, so creating images with textiles continues to amaze and delight me.

I work to capture the texture, posture, and attitude of each pet in its portrait. The result is an image of your pet that is unmistakably yours, and you can keep your friend nearby as an art piece and reminder of the special connection you had with that particular little creature.

Most of my work consists of custom commissions for pet owners, but I've also recently been creating some plant, animal and landscape images that may have broader audience appeal.

I am always glad to discuss commissions with prospective art buyers and encourage you to reach out with any questions you may have.

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