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Linda-Jo Duffy

Linda-Jo Duffy

she / her
Woodinville, United States


Linda-Jo (LJ) Duffy is an artist who lives in Woodinville, Washington. LJ works on multiple pieces of art at a time, employing representation, abstraction, and invention, while experimenting with a variety of conventional and unconventional mediums. Oil, acrylic, encaustic, and mixed media all find a home in her work. Using ordinary, familiar objects with sometimes ethereal figures, she mingles together many layers of paint and hinted patterns, creating a time-worn painting that hints at the passage of time.

Artist Statement

Extraordinary moments are ordinary moments that have been noticed. My paintings celebrate the beauty of the overlooked moments of life – the unseen face, the forgotten flower, the bird in flight – all become extraordinary when noticed in the present moment.

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