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Lin-Lin Mao Mollitor

Lin-Lin Mao Mollitor

Seattle, United States


Seattle-based artist Lin-Lin Mao Mollitor was born in Taipei, Taiwan, and immigrated to the US with her family at 4 years of age. A latch-key child who was not allowed to go outside to play, she occupied her time with indoor activities which required fine motor skills such as drawing, folding origami, and playing jacks.

She studied computer science and art in college, and earned a master's degree at the Media Lab at MIT where she developed a digital paint program for her thesis project.  She worked at IBM for many years until her children were born  and she decided to take care of them full-time.

In 2016 from her husband's encouragement, Lin-Lin studied contemporary art at Bath Spa University in the UK from where she earned a MFA degree in 2017.

In addition to painting, Lin-Lin creates installation art, and mixed media work.  She feels blessed that her childhood wonder remains through making art.

Artist Statement

Through art making, I think about the nature of reality.  It's left me with insights and even more questions that can never be answered. Perhaps our reality is, or our realities are, like shadows in a cave as Plato has remarked.  Artwork are like shadows we have cast onto or into a space, an attempted projection of our mind's eye.  Though sometimes these "shadows" reveal more than what's in the artist's mind, to herself, or to other viewers.  It's a philosophical journey I'm blindly moving about in.

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